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Spooky Times with Eric D

Dec 22, 2017

It's Christmas time and long-time listeners know that up until the mid 20th century, Christmas Eve was a traditional night for telling ghost stories! Tonight, host Eric Dwinnells will tell you a classic ghost story called Smee. Written by A.M.Burrage in 1931, it's the tale of a group of friends playing a variation of Hide & Seek in a large English manor where, 10 years before, a young woman had died. The trouble is...there seems to be an extra player in their game!

This makes the second year of Eric reading a ghost story at Christmas, and we certainly do hope you all have a dreadfully merry Christmas. And, if you don't celebrate, have a happy Monday!

Music played during this story was found on the internet and is listed as royalty free. It includes:
"Myth" by Isisip

"My Dark Passenger" by DesperateMeasurez

Theme music by Occultic Overtones