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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jul 31, 2020

On June 24, 1947, experienced pilot Kenneth Arnold saw something strange in the sky over Washington State. He described the UFOs in various ways, but he compared their movement to saucers skipping across water. The press dubbed them "flying saucers" and a legend was born.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about...

Jul 14, 2020

Tonight we dip back to Episode 10, the very first time Eric hosted the show solo: Vampires in America pt 1! Here about the vampire panic that swept early new England and hear the tale of the last suspected vampire, Mercy Brown.

Music by Occultic Overtones

Jul 7, 2020

Eric welcomes Fatima Elmi, his first in-person guest since lockdown, to watch and discuss Netflix Unsolved Mysteries 2020!

We all love the original classic series, but how will this new production "stack" up? There are a lot of major differences between the classic show and the 2020 version; which do we love and...