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Spooky Times with Eric D

Sep 24, 2018

Tonight Eric looks back on his religious upbringing and realizes everything he thought he knew about the christian afterlife was wrong! Using his natural-born curiosity, Eric has come to find Ghost in The Bible!

What does the bible really say about ghost? What's so bad about talking to the dead? What did Jesus do when...

Sep 14, 2018

Eric Dwinnells travels to one of his favorite places, Concord, MA to visit a haunted inn. But this isn't any old haunted inn, this is one which Eric already has a bit of a salty history with! Tonight Eric returns to The Colonial Inn, an 18th century inn and restaurant said to haunted by numerous friendly (mostly)...

Sep 2, 2018

What an exciting episode! Host Eric Dwinnells tries using Skype to record an interview for the first time and the best part is...his guest is a true-blue Spookaroo here to discuss the Circleville Letters!!!

Tonight Spookaroo Susan Barrett joins the show to discuss The Circleville Letters. Starting in 1977 and lasting...