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Spooky Times with Eric D

Nov 22, 2017

Tonight Eric takes a good look at the strange goings on at Bohemian Grove. There is no question that the Bohemian Club and it's summer camp is a real thing...but what is it exactly? If you ask the club its self,  they would probably tell you it is a private club for distinguished gentlemen who like to blow off a little steep for two weeks in July away from the eyes of the press. But, if you ask conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones, he would be more likely to tell you the Bohemian Grove is a place where rich republicans world leaders meet to plot to control the world and practice strange occult rituals possibly including human sacrifice!

So which is true? Well, several people, including Mr. jones, have successfully infiltrated the camps at Bohemian Grove and tonight we'll dig through a few of them to try and separate fact from fiction. We'll also take a look at the infamous Cremation of Care ceremony that Jones caught on film and try to determine if its footage of an actual human sacrifice or more like a poorly produced Disneyland stage show.

We'll also discuss rumors of wild orgies, non-stop drinking, secret meetings, and the music Bohemian's listen to. We'll also discuss who makes up the membership of the bohemian club and how much membership costs, what two former presidents had to say about it, if Alex Jones qualifies as a garbage person, and Eric will give some suggestions on how The Bohemian Club could improve the festivities through better production!

Eric wonders if he'd qualify as "a man of talent"?