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Spooky Times with Eric D

Sep 18, 2017

After battling another summer cold, Eric Dwinnells is back to tell you all about his trip to Salem, NH to visit Mystery Hill aka America's Stonehenge!

The owners of the site would have you believe the caves ( least the foundations of them) date back as far as 4,000 years ago. Although they admit that they could have been built by Native Americans, they seem to really want you to believe a yet unknown race of Europeans set up shop in this remote forest in NH THOUSANDS of years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. But what evidence do they have to support this claim?

There's no doubt it's an interesting spot...but what exactly are the mysteries of Mystery Hill? Is it history or just a hoax?

Also discussed tonight: A possible ghost sighting at George Washington's home (Mount Vernon in Virginia), the sacrificial table and your bedroom, and the underground railroad.

Music by Occultic Overtones
(and Spinal Tap)