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Spooky Times with Eric D

Dec 20, 2016

Tonight on Spooky A S host Eric Dwinnells tells you the tale of the mysterious Phantom Whistler of Louisiana! Late at night, a mysterious disembodied whistle would keep young Jacquelyn Cadow up at night. Wolf whistles at they used to do in Tex Avery cartoons. But after Miss Cadow announced her engagement months later, the whistling became much more ominous. It switched from the annoying yet familiar wolf whistle to the creepy sound of a funeral dirge fallowed by a "shrill moan". Not long after, Jacquelyn's mother received a phone call from the phantom stating he would kill Jacquelyn if she went through with her wedding!

Was there ever really a phantom whistler? Or was it a cruel prank? Or maybe the whole thing was made up; maybe it was just a hoax. Eric will once again try to separate fact from fiction and let you be the judge!

Also discussed:

The 2016 Boston Ballet production of The Nutcracker, Eric's former life as a song and dance man, and Cheers.

Theme music by Occultic Overtones