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Spooky Times with Eric D

Dec 5, 2016

Eric Dwinnells is home alone again and this time he's spouting off at the mouth about Men In Black aka MIB! You know the movies and the Will Smith song. Maybe you've ridden the ride at Universal Studios, but did you know real-life encounters with the MIB have been reported as far back as the 1940's? Who are these mysterious men who show up and harness UFO researchers/witnesses? Do they work for a secret branch of the government? Are they hostile alien beings? Civilian hoaxers with a twisted sense of humor? Or are they just completely made up? And how do Dan Aykroyd, Brittany Spears, and Saturday Night Live all tie into the legend of the men in black? Find out tonight on Spooky A S!

Also included:

The Maury Island Incident and Harold Dahl

Albert Bender

Robert Richardson

Shane Shovar and the MIB caught on film

And the strange tale of Dr. Herbert Hopkins


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Read what Dr. Hopkins' son has to say about his father's strange tale here