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Spooky Times with Eric D

Aug 14, 2016

Host Eric Dwinnells could not be more excited to share one of his biggest Halloween pleasures with you (and cohost Tom Cole), 1979's The Halloween That Almost Wasn't aka The Night Dracula Saved The World! The truly blessed among you have strong memories of watching this special each year...the less fortunate won't remember it at all. But don't let the fact that you've never seen it scare you away from listening to this episode; we'll cover everything you need to know to appreciate The Halloween That Almost Wasn't and tell you how you can watch it for free (short answer: youtube).

Judd Hirsch as Dracula. Mariette Hartley as The Witch. Henry Gibson as Igor (look him up, you'll recognize him!), and John Schuck as Frankenstein's Monster! In our world, that's an all star cast!

Relive the surprisingly sentimental moments, enjoy a handful of honest-to-god good jokes, and revel in the cheesy special effects that make The Halloween That Almost Wasn't a true holiday classic that is not to be missed!


Theme song by Occultic Overtones