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Spooky Times with Eric D

Aug 7, 2016

It's host Eric Dwinnells' first trip to Maine and what could bring him so far up north? The International Cryptozoology Museum, of course! Join Eric and guest cohost Fatima Elmi as they discuss cryptids in general and their visit to the museum specifically. Topics covered include childhood fear of Bigfoot and the woods, confirmed species that may have once been considered cryptids, The Dover Demon, The Terror of Lewiston, Dogmen, Flatwoods Monster, Ruby Creek, thunderbirds, mermaids, and of course the Yeti...Sasquatch...Bigfoot!

Was the museum worth the 3 hour trip? What are some other cool things to check out in Portland? What's so spooky about The Victoria Mansion? How good is Becky's Diner?

All this and more on tonight's SAS!


Cryptozoology Museum Website
Victoria Mansion

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