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Spooky Times with Eric D

Apr 27, 2016

Eric Dwinnels and guest cohost Tom Cole are back and this time they are discussing two American cryptids (mysterious creatures of unknown origin): The Jersey Devil and The Dover Demon!

The Jersey Devil has reportedly been seen for over 200 years in/around the New Jersey Pine Barrens and has even been known to venture into other states. But just what is this bizarre winged creature? Demon child or pure myth?

Then the topic moves on to a creature spotted in the late 70's in Dover, MA. On the same night, two teens witnessed the same unidentifiable creature walking along the side of the road. One boy even chased it into the woods...and that's when things really got scary for him!

Other topics covered on this episode include Tom's upcoming comedy gigs, Eric's continuing run with the musical HAIR and his unintentionally offending Tom's wife, bad dreams, and Eric's recent trip to NJ to meet a legendary performer.

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