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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 5, 2018

This is it! The 100th episode and to make sure it stand out, host Eric Dwinnells has invited not just one guest, but four! First he'll talk with long absent Tom Cole about why he's been away from the show for so long. Then, the two will discuss an major update to an episode that aired last year about Unsolved Mysteries...we don't want to give anything away here, but it seems Eric may have gotten himself directly involved in an unsolved mystery!

Then it's time for the main event!!! Eric welcomes back former/frequent guests Emily Ferguson, Brian Toney and the very quiet Fatima Elmi as they watch and discuss The Deception of a Generation, an 80's anti cartoons, toys, and cereal propaganda video! Yes, it seems in the 1980's Satan decided to jump in the toy box and turn the children of the USA into gay occult killing machines!!!

If you grew up in the 80's you're going to want to hear this. Did you know you were brainwashed and conditioned to think there was nothing wrong with talking to demons and necromancy? Did you know that He-Man is a match for Jesus both physically and magically? Did you know the Care Bears were attempting to start their own religion? E.T. was a homosexual who wanted you to accept him as Jesus? Did you know the Smurfs are actually transexual corpse witches?!?!

I promise, we are not making this up. All these outlandish claims and many, many more are actually presented in Deception of a Generation. It is both hilarious and terrifying and a perfect choice for the supersize 100th episode of Spooky A S!!!

Music by Occultic Overtones (aka Emily)