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Spooky Times with Eric D

Oct 25, 2019

I'm going to be honest with you: this episode is ok, but it would have been better if I'd had a guest cohost. Lord knows I tried, but although many people told me how much they love 1989's Teen Witch, nobody was willing to come on and talk about it with me! Is it such a guilty pleasure???

With a special intro from the film's star, Robyn Lively, tonight I'm rewatching Teen Witch for the first time in at least a decade. Does it hold up as the cult classic it's said to be? Why don't more people go crazy over little brother Richie's performance (it's masterful)? Was I Like Boys legit supposed to be a cheer? Who will be the most popular girl? And of course, did they ever top that?

All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S!

Original Music by Occultic Overtones