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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jul 31, 2019

This episode begins a special multi-part series giving you the complete true story of The Manson Family as told by the people who lived it!

It's true that members of The Manson Family committed at least 9 known murders and attempted at least several more and this is why they became infamous. But where did it all begin? That's what we're diving into on this episode featuring guest co-host Mack and Liv from the podcast Death by Champagne.

Tonight we'll discuss the childhood of Charles Manson as well as some of his followers. We'll learn how Manson met the first member of what would become The Family and the techniques he used to gain favor with others. We'll learn a bit about his musical ambitions and get hints as to where all this is leading. 

We'll also discuss daddy/daughter role play and how NOT to name a child. All this and more in The Manson Family pt 1

Featuring the voice talents of Tristyn Sepersky, Jackie Marchetti, Mary Widow, and Quinton Kappel


Music by Charles Manson as performed by the SAS Players