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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 27, 2018

Tonight Eric Dwinnells is diving into the magical world of Wizards...only to find the pool is rather shallow! Truth is, he didn't find all that much about the western idea of a wizard: the long-beared old man in the flowing robes and pointed hat just doesn't really seem to be much of a thing outside Lord of the Rings and King Arthur legends. So where did the western idea of the wizard come from? Join Eric as he tries to trace the roots of this well known and well loved fantasy character.

We'll also briefly discuss the various legends of the most famous wizard of all, Merlin!...Although I suppose Harry Potter may be more popular than poor old half demon Merlin these days. Speaking of Harry Potter, we'll also discuss the "truth" behind The Philosopher's Stone (aka The Sorcerer's Stone) and the strange soap opera starring Rudolph the Second, Dr. John Dee and Mr. Edward Kelly.


All this plus a big announcement about a frequent guest cohost and why Eric thinks "Look" is a perfectly good girls name.