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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jan 8, 2018

Eric Dwinnells is back to tell you of the little known case of The Babysitter Slayer of Springfield. In 1954 in Springfield, MA, 14 year old Lynn Ann Smith was babysitting for the Goldberg family. At some point during the night, Lynn Ann was attacked in viciously murdered. The killer also murdered one of the young boy's she'd been babysitting, 4 year old Steven Goldberg, in his bed. Police sought clues and it turned out to be a simple piece of thread that led investigators to the killer: Kenneth Chapin.

Police had their man and he confessed to the crime...but now the state was asking its self was Kenneth responsible for his own actions? Would they execute this 18 year old who had shown no previous criminality? Or could they find a way to show him mercy? The kind of mercy he certainly didn't offer his young victims.


Music by Occultic Overtones