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Spooky Times with Eric D

Oct 3, 2017

Tonight's episode is not for the especially sensitive. It deals with some very intense subject matter and NOT in the normal way. Listener discretion is advised.

This week Eric takes on one of the most taboo subject of all time: Necrophilia. Necrophilia is the sexual attraction to human corpses and, happily, cases of nercophiliacs acting on their impulses are fairly rare...but the attraction its self may be far more common than society is willing to admit.

Tonight we'll go over the case of Francois Bertrand, the 19th century necrophiliac who was captured after exhuming multiple corpses and having his way with them. But why did he do it? And how? But mostly WHY?!?!

We'll also discuss some suspected causes and possible therapeutic treatments which may help those with these compulsions.

It's a nasty, morbid and taboo subject, but hey, they can't all be about Punky Brewster!!!