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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jul 24, 2016

Host Eric Dwinnells and guest cohost Tom Cole are seeing faces everywhere! Starting in 1971, phantom faces started appearing on the kitchen floor of a poor family in Belmez, Spain. The faces appeared to be in anguish and despite repeated attempts to get rid of them, more and more kept appearing! Did the midivil burial ground the house was allegedly built over have anything to do with it or is it just a hoax perpetrated for financial gain by the family's son?

Also discussed: Two sailors die in an accident onboard their ship. They are given a proper burial at see...but for days after, the remaining crew and even the captain claim to see the faces of the men in the water and they have pictures as proof! Also, in the early 90's a special aired that scared lil' Eric when it showed a creepy ghostly face appearing on a TV that had been turned off. Could this be why Eric refers to fall asleep with the tv on to this day?




Theme song by Occultic Overtones