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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 6, 2016

Welcome, foolish mortals! Join Eric and guest cohost Aaron Cohen (webmaster of the Disney-focused website as they give you a pretty in-depth history of the world's greatest dark ride, Disney's Haunted Mansion (or should we say "mansions"?). From Walt Disney's original concepts for the attraction right up to changes made to the attraction just a few years back, nary a stone is left unturned. It's a much lighter topic than normal because sometimes it's nice to take a break from "seriously spooky" to "silly spooky". 

Warning: We do explain how some of the effects are achieved so if you don't want to know, cover your ears for that part!

Aaron explains some of the differences between the Disneyland and the Disney World versions of The Haunted Mansion and Eric tells us about the time he went to Disney World dressed as Jason Voorhees!

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