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Spooky Times with Eric D

May 24, 2019

Sure, we all know the story of Little Red Ridinghood...or at least we think we do! In the Brother's Grimm version, a little girl in a red cap is swallowed whole by a devious cross dressing wolf, but she is then rescued by a noble huntsman and she lives happily ever after. But unfortunately for Red, in most versions of the tale, that's not how the story ends.

Tonight, based on a version of the story told by Professor Hannah B. Harvey in her course, The Art of Storytelling, Eric adds his own take on the fairytale and breaks down the symbols and themes found in the story. Strap in, theres a lot to unpack!


Also, Eric will talk about the show's gofundme campaign and it's possible heavenly origins as well as update you on the possibility of changing the shows name!

Music by Occultic Overtones