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Spooky Times with Eric D

Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween, Spookaroos!!! Eric rushed this episode to be sure to have it ready for you in time for Halloween so please forgive any little mistakes that may have been left in. Yes, host Eric Dwinnells is back to tell you about all the things he did to make the most of this year's Halloween season including a visit to The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Gallows Hill Theater, and The Rebecca Nurse Homestead. He'll also tell you his thoughts on the new Halloween film. Don't worry: no spoilers.

But also on this episode, Eric dives into the history of the infamous Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Company. If you're over 30, chances are pretty good that you owned at least one Ben Cooper costume in your childhood. They were those cheep boxed costumes that came with those thin plastic masks and (usually) plastic smocks with the licensed character's name on them. And what licensee they had! Pretty much every major movie, cartoon or TV was represented with a Ben Cooper costume of varying artistic quality and accuracy.

Tonight Eric ponders the past and possible future of the iconic Ben Cooper costumes and tells you about a recent interview he did with the Iconography podcast.

Music by Occultic Overtones