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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 5, 2017

Eric Dwinnells and guest co-host Tom Cole are back and this time they are focusing all their energies on revealing the life and crimes of the world's worst yet possibly most famous psychic, the late Sylvia Brown!


Sylvia Browne is probably most famous for her numerous appearances on the Montel Williams talk show. She would go on and spew nonsense about angels and spirit guides and then give overwhelmingly false predictions about the future to grieving relatives of missing persons or the recently deceased. The biggest mystery is how she remained a star in the paranormal field while being so amazingly inaccurate! The woman charged over $700 for a 20 minute phone call and reportedly earned 3 million a year...

We'll look into her early life, the religion she invented, why the FBI was keeping an eye on her, the frauds she committed, and of course, her false predictions and why they were so harmful. And, master impressionist that he is, Eric will premiere his Sylvia Browne impersonation for the first time!

Also discussed: Naming our fans, cheese-based snack foods, and Eric's attractive friends

Music by Occultic Overtones