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Spooky Times with Eric D

Feb 6, 2017

Host Eric Dwinnells discusses one of his all time favorite TV shows with returning guest co-host Fatima Elmi. Tonight it's all about Unsolved Mysteries!!! The creepy music, the surreal reenactments, and of course, bid spooky daddy himself, the great Robert Stack!

We discuss the entire run of the series from it's NBC highs to it's Spike TV lows.We'll compare the original Robert Stack series to the revamped Dennis Farina nightmare...and state why it probably wasn't Dennis' fault that his version was so forgettable!

We'll also look into the life of Robert Stack to review two of his own true-life encounters with the paranormal.

But to be honest, we just scratched the surface...they'll be a part 2 to this episode going into more detail about the behind the senses and specific segments further down the line. Stay tuned!

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Music by Occultic Overtones