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Spooky Times with Eric D

May 16, 2017

Your host Eric Dwinnells isn't feeling well, but that won't stop him from talking about nonsense with you...well, for a little while at least!


This week it's all about the infamous Black Dogs of The UK! We're talking about the wild hunt and the man so evil hellhounds came to greet him at his grave. We're talking the legendary Barghest and the revenge it takes on those who dare to cross him. We're talking the Hound of Baskervilles and his run in with Sherlock Holmes. We're talking the tale of Moddey Dhoo and his encounter with a drunken castle guard. We're talking about the infamous Black Shuck who left his mark on a church and who's actual bones may have been discovered in 2014!

But the UK isn't the only place haunted by phantom hounds. Right here in the USA we have the black dog of The Hanging Hills of CT. And, slightly off topic, but the notorious serial killer, The Son of Sam took his orders to kill from his neighbor's lab!

Also on this episode: Eric talks about a possible upcoming performance, his love of animals, and his feelings about London.

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Music by Occultic Overtones