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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 20, 2017

Eric Dwinnells is joined once gain by guest cohost Fatima Elmi for a discussion about CREEPS! Sure, you probably feel like you'd know one if you saw one, but what is a creep? What makes someone "creepy"? Turns out there was a study done recently about what exactly people all over the world find creepy and the answers may surprise you. Did you know most people consider it more creepy to be extremely skinny than extremely fat? Or that a clown is considered far creepier than a funeral director? If you enjoy collecting dolls or birdwatching, you just might be a creep!

We'll also discuss how modern tech and social media has made it easier than ever to be a creep and spot a creep. Eric will share his concern that he may, in fact, come off as a creep and tell some true life stories of sexual harassment (#yessomemen), and a scary encounter with two men who followed him home one night. And of course, we'll discuss the song "Creep" by Radiohead!

All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S!

Music by Occultic Overones