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Spooky Times with Eric D

Feb 1, 2017

Host Eric Dwinnells is joined by guest co-host Judith Kalaora, a Bostn-based actress and tour guide. Tonight they are going to discuss a relatively unknown yet fascinating chapel of Boston's history: The life and crimes of Jesse Pomeroy (aka The Boy Fiend of Boston aka The Boston Boy Slayer) who was convicted of murder when he was just 14. We know for sure he killed at least 2 victims, but to hear some people tell it, it was more like 10-30 victims. If so, this would make him America's youngest convicted serial killer. But more than that, jess was also know to lure local children to remote areas to strip, beat, prick, stab, and do much, much worse things. What turns a child into a torture killer? What did his mother know and did she try to cover it up? The judge sentenced Jesse to hang, but would the governor sign the death warrant of a 14 year old boy? What did Jesse do with his time in Jail?

All this and more will be discussed on tonight's Spooky A S!

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Music by Occultic Overtones