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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jan 23, 2017

With the announcement of the closure of both The Big Apple Circus and Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth circus, and in the wake of the 2016 Creepy Clown sightings, Eric Dwinnells and guest co-host Jennie "Blades" Lecesse are going to discus clowns. Why are people (allegedly) afraid of clowns and where did this for come from? Eric has a theory and it involves serial killers and after school specials! Plus, we'll hear from a real-deal professional circus clown (Jessi Wonderfool) to get her opinion on the fear clowns.

Specifically, we'll discuss:
John Wayne Gacy
The 1981 Phantom Clown Scare
Stephen King's IT
The Northampton Clown
DM Pranks
The Rosehill Cemetery Clown video
The world-wide 2016 clown sightings/pranks and the aftermath

Plus Eric defends the good, honest, hardworking clowns from the street to the big top! All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S!


Music by Occultic Overtones


Special thanks to Jessi Wonderfool


Missi, Jenn's mom
seven and a half years ago

Jenn, the clown at your party was not your dental hygienist!