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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jul 12, 2016

We all love the movie Jaws, but did you know it was loosely based on actual events that took place exactly 100 years ago? Tonight host Eric Dwinnells and guest co-host Brian Toney talk about The Jersey Man-Eater, a shark (or perhaps multiple sharks!) that attacked and killed at least 4 people in 12 days but unlike the shark in the movie, this shark didn't terrorize one town, he caused a panic over 95 miles of The Jersey Shore! Learn about the attacks, theories on what kind of shark could have done it, how the public reacted and the lion tamer/big game hunter who may have put an end to the sharks reign of terror.

Eric also gives you helpful hints on how to avoid being eaten by a shark, compares Jaws the book to Jaws the movie, and then derails his own show by explaining why he doesn't care for the ocean and his big issue with fish. Buckle up for hat one, folks!

Also discussed: Eric and Brian know someone with a speaking part in the new Ghostbusters movie!

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