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Spooky Times with Eric D

May 29, 2016

No, you don't have to have seen the movie to enjoy this ep! Yes, it contains spoilers so if you are interested in the movie, watch it first, then listen! In this super-sized episode, Eric Dwinnells and guest cohost Tom Cole discuss one of if not THE greatest werewolf movies of all time, An American Werewolf in London directed by John Landis!

Eric has known and loved the movie since he was a kid but Tom had never seen it...what did he think of it? Despite his love for the film, Eric has noticed some flaws that should be addressed! Eric and Tom discuss important questions like...

What is the point of a werewolf's killings?
Where are David's parents?
Why is Nurse Alex super DTF despite soon many red flags?!?!
Why is the ultimate appearance of the wolf disappointing?
Which has the best cover art: VHS, DVD, OR Blu-Ray?

All this and more in tonight's episode of Spooky A S!

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