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Spooky Times with Eric D

May 9, 2016

Who's ready for a good old fashioned unsolved mystery? Join Eric Dwinnells and guest cohost Brian Toney as they discuss The Dyatlov Pass Incident.

In February of 1959, 9 young hikers went missing on a Russian mountain known as "Mt. Don't Go There". Eventually all of them were found dead. Some had frozen to death, others had suffered trauma from what the investigators describe only as "a competing force of nature."

Why did the hikers cut up and flee from their own tent? Why did they run out into the snowy mountain wilderness with no shoes on? Why were some found wearing only their underwear? Why was one hiker missing her eyes, tongue, and part of her lip? Why did some have fatal internal damage yet no signs of external trauma? Why were high levels of radiation found on their clothing? What were the glowing orange objects seen in the sky the night the hikers disappeared?

All this and more will be discussed on this episode of Spooky A S!

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