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Spooky Times with Eric D

Feb 17, 2019

Tonight Eric welcomes back returning guest host Emily Ferguson to talk about the horror-themed video games Chiller and Night Trap!

We begin with Chiller, a 1988 arcade game which is still surprisingly gory and violent even by today's standards...and that's really saying something! The point of the game is to shoot a gun at helpless torture victims trapped (and naked) in a haunted house! What?!?!

Then we move on to the 1987/1992 classic, Night Trap! This full motion video game let's you choose your own adventure (kind of) as you control security cameras in a house where teens are being murdered by mysterious creatures known as Augers and a clan of vampires! It's campy 80's fun and in 2017, the game was made available for ps4 in a special 25th anniversary addition so let's play!

Plus Eric and Emily discuss the sexy and dangerous allure of arcades in the 1980's, New Hampshire's own Fun Spot, creepy men who like to hide in bushes, boobs AND butts, 80's hair, and the often overlooked terror of minimalist set dressing! And yell at our speakers as Eric and Emily try to remember the names of two pretty famous people!

Music by Occultic Overtones