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Spooky Times with Eric D

Feb 13, 2019

Tonight Eric takes a trip into the bayou as he tells us about The Haunting of Manchac Swamp! This Louisiana swamp is not only haunted by the vengeful spirit of a long dead voodoo priestess, it's also said to be the hunting grounds of the rougarou or cajan werewolf!

Julia Brown was a local faith healer known for her healing abilities and her powers of prophesy. But her seemingly unearthly knowledge caused her neighbors to fear her. Soon, they had convinced themselves that she was a voodoo priestess in league with dark forces. Soon enough, Julia began to predict that on the day she died, the whole town would suffer...and she was right!

The rougarou is a werewolf-like creature said to be native to this area of the world. It especially enjoys the case of naught children and lapsed Catholics. It is very similar to a werewolf, though there are some key differences in how the cures is placed and how it can be removed.

All this PLUS an important update about Eric's hometown haunt, John Stones Inn (aka Stone's Public House).


Music by Occultic Overtones