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Spooky Times with Eric D

Nov 6, 2018

Halloween season is over and your host is falling apart! To give Eric a bit of a rest, we're diving into the archives to reissue episode 3, Ghosts of John Stone's Inn (aka Stone's Public House). Eric has recorded a new intro and outdo with additional commentary and remixed the sound of the original episode so it should sound even better than it did the first time around. Plus this episode is special: it's the first appearance of Jenny "Blades" Lecesse!

Eric and Jennie discuss their hometown haunt: John Stone's Inn as it used to be known or Stone's Public House as it is currently known. Legend has it that a murder took place in the basement and was covered up by townies. Now the murderous spirits are said to haunt the halls of the bar/restaurant...and so does the ghost of their victim! And they aren't alone. Another legend tells of a little girl who was hit by a train just outside of the inn who now roams the upper floors and likes to peer out the windows. It's also said the bloody dress they removed from her body as they attempted to save her life can still be found in the restaurant...if it's not out for framing!

We know it's kind of lame to repost an old episode, but it will be new to many of you and we hope you will enjoy the new content.
Music by Occultic Overtones