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Spooky Times with Eric D

Aug 12, 2018

As the Witchfinder General of Salem, MA, many tourist stop host Eric Dwinnells which in-town attractions he'd recommend. If you are a monster fan, then without a doubt you must visit Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery, Salem's one and only monster museum!

Of course Salem is a lovely historic city, but let's face's also a tourist trap filled with sub par offerings. But Count Orlok's is different: it's essentially a "wax museum"/haunted house created for monster fans by a monster fan. His name is James Lurgio. Tonight Eric sits down with James in the newly relocated and just re-opened Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery for an in-depth interview where we'll learn all about the museum and a bit about James himself.

We'll learn what turned James into a "monster kid" and how he transformed that love into a business. We'll discuss the celebrities that have come to visit as well as some of the regular weirdos that pass through. And James will definitively answer many fans' one criticism of the museum; the much maligned no photos policy!

Eric had never met James before this interview (aside from a few emails to set it up) and this is not a paid endorsement. Eric just appreciates quality attractions in Salem and right near the top of that list is Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery!

You can find the Nightmare Gallery on FB HERE

Music by Occultic Overtones