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Spooky Times with Eric D

Sep 4, 2016

Eric Dwinnells and guest cohost Tom Cole are back to discuss some missing person cases with strange twists! Did a young mother end up buried under a Massachusetts highway? Was a missing college student kidnaped and forced to become a prostitute? How did five children disappear during a house fire without leave any trace? Did Bigfoot kidnap a 16 year-old girl? What happened to the 20 year-old from North Carolina  and why was a labrador pub found in his abandoned car???

Tonight, we'll talk about
Joan Risch
Elizabeth Campbell
The Sodder Family aka Sodder Children
Theresa Bier
Webb Quinn

Plus, we'll talk about why comics don't like their comic friends to hang out with their civilian friends/family, how much Tom loves Jews (no, really, he does!), and strange things that keep happing around the studio!

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