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Spooky Times with Eric D

Feb 18, 2018

Eric Dwinnells and guest cohost Brian Toney are discussing the 1895 murders known as The Demon of the Belfry. Two young women disappear after being seen entering a church and suspicion immediately falls upon Theodore Durrant, the church's assistant superintendent of Sunday school. Why? Because he was the last person seen with both women and there were some unconfirmed rumors about how he liked to spend alone time in the church library and his unusual relationships with chicken. Spoiler alert: he totally did it.

But wait! There is a sequel to this story. Durrant's sister, who had changed her name to Maud Allan in an effort to distance herself from her notorious brother, become a figure of controversy as well. She was accused of being a German spy during WWI. Also, a Brittish magazine accused her of attempting to turn the men of England gay via he performance of Oscar Wilde's Solome.

We'll discuss all of this as well as an updated on Eric's injured leg. Oh, and it's the show's 2nd birthday!!! Thanks for listening and being a part of the Spooky A S family, spookaroos!

Music by Occultic Overtones