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Spooky Times with Eric D

Dec 18, 2017

We all love seeing our favorite horror villains in their respective films on the big screen, but tonight host Eric Dwinnells tells us about a few times when some of our favorite horror icons appeared on random television shows. We've got Freddy Krueger on MTV, Chucky on WCW wrestling, The Joker on The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Jason Voorhies giving Arsenio Hall the cold shoulder! This is some real must see TV right here!

Also on this episode: MTV was way better in the 80's, Robert Englund out of character, how WCW should have booked Chucky, is Batman's The Joker a horror villain?, why was Arsenio afraid to have Jason on the show and what did he do to make Kane Hodder laugh?

Music by Occultic Overtones