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Spooky Times with Eric D

Oct 13, 2017

Tonight host Eric Dwinnells takes you to Wisconsin to meet The Beast of Bray Road, a supposed werewolf living off roadkill in the town of Elkhorn.

We'll discuss Linda Godfrey who named the unknown creature and wrote a book about it based on many eyewitness accounts. We'll also learn what local law enforcement has to say about the beast and how it's sudden fame in the early 1990's affected the community.

We'll also try to discover just what people could really be seeing on Bray Road and how both Will Smith and Mick Fleetwood are tied to the story. Plus Eric will tell of his own recent encounter with a mystery creature on a dark country road.


Werewolf, dogman, wolf man, bigfoot, wendigo...whatever it is, you'll learn all about it. All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S!

Music by Occultic Overtones