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Spooky Times with Eric D

Aug 20, 2017

Host Eric Dwinnells and guest co-host Emily Ferguson sit down and watch Halloween: Trick or Treat from the 13 part video series, The Pagan Invasion. This anti-halloween video was produced by a very conservative christian sect and contains A LOT of things you should know.

Did you know that on Halloween night, all over the world, children are sacrificed to Satan? Or that 80% of 9 year-olds have expressed a desire to murder someone on Halloween? Or that witches use their brooms for "self gratification"?Or that when you trick or treat, you do it for the devil?

All this plus some modern fundamentalist takes on Halloween will be discussed. Other topics covered include:gender roles when choosing halloween costumes, human sacrifice, satanism, wicca, druids, blood drinking, porno, horror films, the pumpkin racket, and teenage sex/drug parties.

Music by Occultic Overtones