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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jul 17, 2017

Eric Dwinnells is talking to ghosts! Well, not directly. He has to speak out loud into a microphone and record himself then keep the recorder going for a while waiting for a response. Oh, he won't hear the response at first because ghosts usually speak through infrasound, but when he plays the recording back and "enhances" the audio, he just might hear the voice of a spirit! Paranormal investigators call this Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP for short.


Tonight Eric will give you a brief history of EVP in America and the people who support it including Sarah Estep, Raymond Bayless, The Ghost Hunters, the Ghost Adventures, and many other modern paranormal investigation groups. He'll also play actual EVP recordings and invite you to interpret what the ghosts are saying. He even went so far as to record EVP's in his apartment! You'll want to hear the results for yourself!

But are we really hearing the voices of the dead, or is it just a form of audio pareidolia? Is our brain forcing us to turn random noises caused by static or radio interference into messages from the great beyond?

Find out tonight on Spooky A S!


Music by Occultc Overtones