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Spooky Times with Eric D

Apr 23, 2017

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Eric Dwinnells is back to talk about The Boogeyman as he's known in the US or The Bogeyman as he's known in the UK. A boogeyman is any form of a mythical creature used by parents to gain compliance from their children. Sounds a little messed up, but in a way, I suppose you could argue that Santa himself is a type of boogeyman! Tonight Eric will take you on a world tour and introduce you to some of the most infamous boogeymen said to inhabit this fair globe of ours. He'll also tell you about the boogeymen her feared as a child (including Disney's Mr. Boogedy, Jesus, and the iron centipede at the "naught children's playground" and magical thinking.

Monsters discussed in this episode include:

sack man

El Coco


l'uomo nero

Newanay Mama

Saw Kaw (aka Gaw Gaw)
Bloody Bones (aka Tommy Rawhead)


The Small Man



Dongola Miso

Awd Goggie

The Gooseberry Wife

Tata Duende

Wewe Gombel

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Music by Occultic Overtones