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Spooky Times with Eric D

Sep 18, 2016

Host Eric Dwinnells is dipping into the Spooky Archives to bring you bits form previous episodes that didn't make it into the finale cut of the original show. These bits weren't cut because they were't good; far from it! They were only cut because the show was running long. So it's a joy to finally be able to present this "lost hits" to you! First Eric gives you one more creepy song...written by Charles Manson (of Manson Family fame)! Then he and Tom Cole discuss two more missing persons cases. We wrap it up by talking with Arron Cohen about the Que line at Disney's Haunted Mansion, what happens if you try to spread human ashes at the mansion, Paris' Phantom Manor and Hong Kong's Mystic Manor!


Theme music by Occultic Overtones