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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 14, 2016

Just in time for St. Patric's day, Eric and guest cohost Tom Cole talk about 2 of the most famous beings in Celtic mythology, the Leprechaun and the Banshee! Are Leprechauns really the drunken tricksters we think of today? Will a Banshee come to kill you in the night with her soul-piercing screams? What's a Redcap? Find out on this special holiday episode!

Warning: This episodes contains animal noises which may have been mistaken for Banshee screams. You may find these noises terrifying...or just really annoying. Don't worry; they are short!

Also discussed: Why the show is called Spooky A S on certain providers, words Eric and Tom have trouble pronouncing, their plans for the holiday, Boston drunks, and the infamous Irish Goodbye (aka ghosting).

There was a good amount cut for time from this episode so check the website/youtube for additional content!

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