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Spooky Times with Eric D

Mar 17, 2019

Tonight, Eric is joined by special guest Charles Gustine, host of the podcast Iconogrophy. When these two let met, Eric was a guest on Charles' podcast to discuss witchfinding and modern Salem. Tonight Charles returns the favor as the two discuss Hannah Duston: A Mother's Revenge!

Hannah Duston was a puritan woman living in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1697 when she, her servant and her infant daughter were taken captive by Native Americans. The Natives were involved in a war against the English at the time, and they told Hannah their plan was to torture the captives and then ransom them back to their families. Hannah didn't like the sound of this, but when one of the natives killed her infant daughter, Hannah began plotting not only an escape, but very possibly a shocking act of revenge.

Eric and Charles will discuss the complicated legacy of Hannah Duston's story, what to do with monuments erected to celebrate people/events we're not so sure we should be celebrating anymore, the over simplification of Native American history, the Matter Family, and Tarantino films on tonight's episode! 

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