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Spooky Times with Eric D

Jul 17, 2018

This is a strange one, Spookaroos. Eric invited Fatima Elmi over to watch the internet cartoon Salad Fingers with him. She'd never heard of it, but it was very popular in its day. People wondered what it was...and why it was. Spoiler alert: Fatima doesn't care for it and seems legit mad at Eric for making her watch it.

In short, Salad Fingers is a green humanoid creature who seems to enjoy pain as well as touching and licking things. He lives alone, but populates his lonely world with characters of his own creation...or does he? Always strong and occasionally disturbing, Salad fingers has attracted a cult audience as well as some haters.

Salad Fingers was created by British animator David Firth. He released the series in segments over the course of about 9 years. He hasn't released a new episode since 2014, but last November, he announced he's working on Salad Fingers again.


Music by Occultic Overtones