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Spooky Times with Eric D

Apr 27, 2018

Host Eric Dwinnells is shocked and excited to be able to report that police have made an arrest in the Golden State killer aka Original Night Stalker aka East Area Rapist case! The man they have arrested is Joseph James Deangelo, a 72 year-old former cop. So far he has been charged with 8 murders and more are expected. Police say DNA links him to 12 murders and at least 50 rapes through California.

Eric has been following this case since the early 2000's and was so excited by the big news...but he had no one in his personal life who was also following the case that he could talk to about it! So he turns to YOU, the listener, to tell you what he knows, what he's heard, and what he speculates about the case. This episode is NOT an in-depth description of the case, just an overview and a review of what we know about suspect Deangelo so far. This is breaking news so take it all with a grain of salt, but there is no doubt this in an incredible unfolding story!!!