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Spooky A S

Sep 17, 2018

Tonight Eric uses Google Voice to welcome another true-blue Spookaroo on to the show, Jeffrey Bergeron! Jeffrey is a history teacher and he chose tonight's subject: The Witchcraft Trial of Urbain Grandier!

Grandier was a catholic priest in France during the 17th century. He was known as being something of a playboy despite his priestly vow of celibacy. This, plus some unkind remarks he'd made about his superiors in the church made him a lot of enemies. Enemies who would like to see him way or another!

Eventually, the nuns at the local convent began to claim they were possessed by demons who stole into their bedrooms at night. Mother superior claimed to know who sent these demons: Urbain Grandier!

And so the stage was set for a catholic priest to face charges of witchcraft against a convent of nuns and a slew of powerful enemies. 

We always love a good witchcraft trial and this one doesn't fail to deliver. Was Grandier really in league with the Devil? Was he the victim of a political conspiracy? Or can it really all be reduced to the vengeance of a woman scorned? All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S!

Music by Occultic Overtones